Mini Stress Treatments

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  • What on Earth is a 'mini stress treatment'? (And what if I have maximum stress??)

    Mini stress treatments are simple, no-needle acupressure treatments that are excellent at helping your nervous system to regulate (meaning if you’re amped up, it can help calm you; and if you’re feeling depressed or have no motivation, it can lift your spirits). These can help no matter what your stress level is. In our culture we like to think that more is better, but in this medicine that’s often not the case. In fact, the most profound treatments are often the simplest.

    We use tiny gold beads and place them at specific points on your ear. They stick on with clear tape and can stay on anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. Anytime you feel extra stressed, just press on the beads gently to stimulate the points again.

  • Want to know more about how and why this works?

    Check out the plethora of resources at the National Acupuncture Detox Association, including these excellent infographics.

  • So what do I do with this coupon card I got?

    Bring it in to redeem it! You can call ahead if you want, but even our front desk staff are trained in this simple bead application, so if we’re open then someone will be available to perform the treatment on you.

    While you’re visiting, feel free to ask us questions about what we do and how we can help you improve your quality of life. You might be surprised at the variety of conditions we’ve helped our patients with!

    Or you can just chat for a bit, grab a snack and some tea, and be on your way again. We will never pressure you into signing up for an appointment; these cards are as much of a service to our community as they are a way to meet new people.

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