Our Mission and Core Values

Bridges are symbols of connection, of journeys, of vulnerability. Our clinic is committed to bridging connections: between individuals and their health; between patients and practitioners; between old patterns of imbalance and new patterns of freedom. We’re committed to guiding all of our patients on their journeys, no matter where they are or where they want to go. And we’re committed to the protection of vulnerability, recognizing that crossing a bridge can be frightening and walking alongside our patients as they go through life’s challenges and transitions.

Above all, Bridges is a safe community. No one will ever be turned away for treatment because of race, ethnicity, orientation, identity, religion, or income level. At Bridges we believe that #blacklivesmatter, and as a white-owned business we are committed to learning and implementing tools of anti-racism, to supporting and uplifting people of color, and adding our weight as allies and agents of change in our current systems of racial injustice. Additionally, we are committed allies to our LGBTQ+ community, to breaking the cycle of poverty, to cracking stereotypes and shining a light at both the commonalities and the differences that make us a stronger, better human race. And we are committed to you, the one who feels threatened reading this. Everyone is safe here.

Our Vision

We strive to be a meeting place of wisdom, where expert knowledge and grounded intuition blend; a trusted establishment where teaching and learning never stop; an example of practicing both medicine and business with integrity and transparency.